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What will I actually do as a Mentor?   

Formal Community mentoring at the academy can take many forms. In the past, Community Mentors have interacted with scholars in a variety of ways including:

  • Reading and discussing works of literature with the scholars.
  • Teaching a weekly class on the mentor's area of expertise.
  • Volunteering to allow scholar's to shadow the mentor at their place of employment.
  • Overseeing creative scholar projects such as art, writing, wood-working, sculpting, coding, etc..
  • Functioning as a panelist during question and answer sessions with the scholars.
  • Being the guest lecturer during assemblies.
The form of your interaction with the scholars will be entirely dependent upon your own personal preference.

What is the time commitment for a community mentor?

Community Mentors may participate in the mentoring program as much as their schedule allows. The structure and content of a mentor's subject will largely determine how much time mentors devote to the program. However, Mentors are asked to be willing to devote a sufficient amount of time to make the experience meaningful to the scholar participating. Because true mentoring involves building a strong interpersonal relationship between the mentor and the mentee, we typically encourage mentors to be willing to commit to multiple interactions with the scholars.

What background or expertise is required?   

John Adams Academy encourages and seeks Community Mentors of all backgrounds, professions, and areas of expertise. Although specialization is an important aspect of modern employment, we do not require any specific credentials, licenses, or educational attainment for an individual to function as a mentor to our scholars. The most important qualifications we require of our mentors are:

  • A willingness and desire to serve.
  • A positive and uplifting attitude and demeanor.
  • A passion for their area of mentorship.
  • Full support of the mission and vision of the academy.
  • High standards of moral conduct.
What subjects can I mentor?
Mentoring can occur in nearly all areas of an individual's life. For this reason, John Adams Academy does not wish to artificially limit the mentoring experiences of their scholars by prescribing a set of predetermined topics. Proposals for new mentoring experiences are welcome. However, all proposed mentoring topics and/or experiences are expected to support and uphold the mission, vision, and core values of John Adams Academy, and are subject to review by academy officials. Topics or experiences that are deemed inappropriate, or not supportive of the Academy’s mission or vision for any reason, will not be offered to the scholars. If you have a general interest in mentoring but are unsure of what topic you might mentor, please reach out to  We will provide you with a list of opportunities you may consider volunteering for.

How do I become a Mentor?   

If you have an interest in participating as a formal Community Mentor at John Adams Academy please email