ATTENTION:  Meals MUST BE pre-ordered. Please visit the SCHOOL MEAL PROGRAM group on ParentSquare for PRE-ORDER LINKS.
DEADLINE for pre-orders are Fridays at 9am two weeks prior to meal service.
Parents are responsible for keeping track of pre-orders--be sure to notice dates on the pre-order form.

From Revolution Foods: Due to a vendor shortage, we will have no yogurt until the beginning of the new year. If your school ordered/will order a meal or snack that has a yogurt component, please expect a substitution.


There will be an upcoming substitution:

Original item àNew item

Yogurt w/ granola à Cheerios w/ string cheese 

Yogurt à String cheese 


Substitutions for the week of 1/11/21

Original Item                     à                           New Item

Cinnamon Grahams                          Giant Cinnamon Goldfish

Honey Grahams                                Educational Snacks

French Toast Muffin                           Blueberry Muffin

Cheerios                                            Corn Chex

Orange juice                                      Raisins (K-12 ONLY)


Message from our food vendor dated 1/12/21:

Our suppliers have notified us that they are doing their best to keep up with the rotating inventory, but there have been major setbacks due to COVID and a surge in demand.


Our goal is to inform you about substitutions as soon as possible. However, please anticipate occasional dry item (cracker, cereal, etc) substitution.


Original Item                     à                           New Item

Honey wheat crackers                                    Educational Crackers

Honey grahams                                               Educational Crackers

Cinnamon grahams                                         Giant Cinnamon Goldfish

Cheerios                                                           Corn Chex

Cinnamon Rumbles                                         Giant Cinnamon Goldfish

Orange Juice                                                   Pears