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Pre-Ordering (Deadline: Fridays @ 9am)

Meals are not prepared on site, but purchased from a vendor who delivers our fresh meals daily.  As a result, we must use a pre-order system to ensure we order what we need without significant food overages and costs to the Academy.  John Adams Academy is required to pay for any meal delivered, even if it is not used.
The pre-order link will be sent out weekly and can also be found on ParentSquare in the
Pre-orders are due by Friday at 9am. Please note the date on the pre-order form.  
Pre-orders are not linked to your Titan account.  Please visit ParentSquare for the link to pre-order your child's meals and then communicate to your child daily which meals have been ordered for them. Scholars arriving to school without a lunch and who haven't pre-ordered will be asked to call home for permission to receive a meal or for a lunch to be brought to school.  If a guardian cannot be reached, we will err on the side of feeding your child and you may incur a balance for the meal based on eligibility of paid or reduced meal benefits. 
The best way to keep track of what you have pre-ordered is to take a screen shot or to print the online pre-order form before clicking the submit button.  
After clicking the SUBMIT button, the next screen will confirm that your pre-order was recorded.  If you do not receive this confirmation, please submit your pre-order again. 

 For convenience in ordering, we have included in the weekly pre-order email a link for parents to confirm their order on our pre-order spreadsheet. Please confirm your order was received prior to the Friday 9am deadline.
Pre-order Spreadsheet Photo
Please take note of the dates you are ordering for.  Parents are responsible for keeping track of their meal orders.