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 Our annual Dance-A-Thon is the PSO’s only fundraising event of the year!  Scholars receive donation envelopes on kickoff day and are asked to gather donations (in any flat amount) to support our school.  They turn these in (with the money) on the due date and are awarded raffle tickets (1 for every $5 donated).  They choose which prizes to put their tickets towards and the fun begins!  On Dance-A-Thon day, dance instructors join us on campus and scholars dance with them for 30 minutes, rotating by grade level.


In 2016 scholars collected over $48,000 for the school!!!

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Join our ParentSquare Group Dance-A-Thon or email

Raffle Prizes & Sponsor List

Pictures of Prizes

Pledge Form

What Does PSO Money Do?

Backstage Pass


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who will be participating in the Dance-A-Thon?

All JAA scholars (Grades TK – 12th) will join their grade level on the dance floor for 30 minute rotations.

When will the Dance-A-Thon take place?

Friday, October 13th during school hours.

What style of dancing will we be doing?

It will vary between ages & groups and may include dances, such as swing, DISCO, hip hop, group dances, zumba & freestyle.

Can parents and siblings participate?

Parent volunteers are needed to help with the planning, collecting of raffle prizes, staffing the prize tables, distribution, and other processes in the weeks leading up to the event.  Parents can also help scholars call/email relatives and friends to get pledges.  If you sign up to help on the day of the event, please have younger siblings cared for elsewhere.  Sorry, non-enrolled siblings cannot participate.

How will the pledge process work?

On Friday, September 1st, scholars will receive their pledge form from their teachers (advisory for upper grades). Scholars can ask relatives and friends by phone, email, Facebook, etc., to sponsor them for a flat donation of their choice for dancing in the school dance-a-thon. All monies will be collected in advance and turned in on Wednesday, September 21st, to their teachers for lower grades & into collection boxes at morning flag for upper grades.

Can donations be made online?

Yes!!!  We can take donations online HERE!


Donating online is simple. Make sure to choose Dance-A-Thon as the “Giving Type” and enter the scholars name and grade level.  If donating for multiple scholars, a separate transaction will be needed for each scholar. Make sure you reach the confirmation page and receive an email receipt.

What if I send out the link and someone donates online without telling me?

We will be able to credit appropriately as long as the donor included the scholar’s name and grade when donating.  During the raffle ticket process we will credit the scholar with the donation amount.  Families will receive back their donation forms with this new info attached after the event is over so that thank yous can be issued.

Will there be prizes?

Yes! Lots of them!  There are raffle prizes, several grand prizes, and an exclusive thank you gift to those reaching $100!  Prize lists and pictures can be found on our PRIZE page HERE!

How does the Raffle Prize process work?

Scholars will receive one (1) raffle ticket for every $5.00 collected.

Scholars will have an opportunity to receive and submit their raffle tickets on an assigned day during the week of the dance-a-thon. They will get to choose which prizes they want to try and win. They may submit their tickets however they choose, by placing one or multiple tickets in the relevant prize bin.  A numbered prize list will be posted online that families can review beforehand; and, ticket bins will be clearly numbered and labeled with the title and description of the prize it corresponds to!  Keep your eyes peeled - some bins will be marked for multiple winners. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Note: Each scholar can win a max of 3 individual raffle prizes.  Highest valued prizes will be given if same name happens to be drawn more than this.

How does the Grand Prize Raffle process work?

This year, we have more GRAND PRIZES!!!  

For every $50 scholars collect, they will receive an automatic entry into the grand prize drawing! Only those earning $50 or more will be included in this raffle. They will be entered an additional time for each $50 increment reached. So, if a scholar brings in $150 in donations, they will be entered 3 times into this grand prize raffle. Note: this raffle is processed internally, so they will not physically be putting tickets into a bin.

Feature Grand Prize:  


4 passes to Disneyland + $200 Visa card 

Sponsored by Disneyland & PSO



7th-12th Grand Prizes:


4 Concert Tickets + $100 at California Pizza Kitchen

For a TOP billboard, Grammy nominated band!!!

(Their December Sacramento concert details go public 9/27)

Sponsored by: EnterCom & American Leak Detection

iFly Experience for 2 - flight, video
Sponsored by: Tricia Nielsen & family
$100 CASH!!!
Sponsored by: Gove Enterprises, Inc.



TK-6th Grand Prizes:


Your Choice: $200 to American Girl Doll or The Lego Store

Sponsored by: PSO


High Adventure Basket (Golfland, Air Joy Bungee, Rockin’ Jump & more!!!)

Sponsored by: Blackburn Consulting, Air Joy Bungee & Rockin’ Jump


$100 CASH!!!

Sponsored by: PSO


How do I receive an exclusive JAA lunch container?

Every scholar who reaches the $100 donation mark will receive a special thank you gift!  For 2017, they will receive an exclusive John Adams Academy lunch container!  Thank you so much for your effort and support!  (limited to one per person)

When are the pledge dollars and forms due?

Pledge dollars, forms & envelopes are due on Wednesday Sept 27th!  Regardless of money collection, please turn in your envelope!  A Bonus Raffle Ticket will be awarded to all forms turned in on time!

Upper grades will turn in their envelopes first thing in the morning during flag ceremonies.  We’ll have representatives with a collection box present at the flag ceremony, after which it will be moved to the office.  Elementary grades will turn in their forms to their teacher and we will collect them by the end of the day.  If a scholar is late or absent that day, it can be turned into the bin in the office before the final school dismissal time of 3:20 PM to qualify for the bonus raffle ticket.

Raffle tickets will only be issued for money received (physically or online) by noon on Friday Sept 29th.  Money received later will be accepted but will not qualify to receive raffle tickets. Once envelopes have been collected from the classroom teacher, envelopes should go directly to the front desk of either office.

What’s in it for my classroom?

Your classroom can receive $50 by having every scholar turn in their form!  Even if a scholar chooses not to participate by gathering donated money for the school, they can qualify for the bonus raffle ticket for turning their envelope in by the due date and helping their class earn $50.

The top class in each bracket (TK-2, 3-6, 7-12) with the highest donation amounts will also be awarded $100 each!  

Additionally, the PSO opens up a grant fund after our Dance-A-Thon (based on collections) for teachers/staff to apply for funds.

“The purpose of this program is to provide funds for activities, supplies and events that will enhance and support the scholars’ experiences here at John Adams Academy. They will be granted on a “first come, first served” basis, and should be curriculum ­based, with the benefits provided being long-term for the scholars and/or the academy. We express deep gratitude to our community and families for their generous donations, which make this Grant Program possible.”

How this works:


Paul Revere collects $85 total from 6 different people to sponsor him for the Dance-A-Thon.

He will receive:

  • 17 tickets (85/5=17) to place towards any raffle prizes
  • automatically entered once into the grand prize raffle
  • 1 bonus raffle ticket for turning his form in on the due date

Betsy Ross collects $175 total from 8 different people to sponsor her for the dance-a-thon.

She will receive:

  •        35 tickets (175/5=35) to place towards raffle prizes
  •        automatically entered three times into the grand prize raffle
  •        an exclusive JAA thank you gift (the JAA tote bag!)
  •        1 bonus raffle ticket for turning her form in on the due date

When will prizes be distributed?

We’ll make our best effort to have prizes distributed to scholars in their classrooms on Friday, October 7th before dismissal. 7th - 12th graders will receive theirs the following Monday when they see their advisory teachers. Grand prizes will be announced & awarded Monday at morning flag ceremonies.

What should my scholar wear to the Dance-a-Thon?

Their JAA uniform.

I filled up my pledge form how do I get another?

You can print one by clicking HERE.

Keep it with your envelope or attach a new one and turn it in together with envelope and money by the due date.

What will the money go towards from this fundraiser?

This is the big, annual fundraiser for the PSO.  In the past, the money has gone to support school activities, assemblies, and other needs related to a scholar’s experience here at the school.   Usually each year there is a specific goal for a large amount of the proceeds to pay for. In the past, the Dance-A-Thon has paid for things such as: curriculum programs, PSO approved teacher grants, library books & shelving; the daddy daughter dance; the mother son activity; Patriot Retreats; HS Formal dance; sound equipment; Music & Art Committee events (like the Holiday Arts Show & Arts in the Park); elementary Art & Music programs; various Scholar Council events; the Living Book Fair; school safety; PE (including  yard equipment); and, much, much more!

I have a suggestion – who do I share this with?

There are many ways a Dance-A-Thon could grow and expand! We are collecting feedback, new ideas, and suggestions for future years. Let’s make it fun! Please email us at with the subject of "Dance-A-Thon suggestion". Thank You!

How can I help?

Besides supporting your scholar in their efforts, we’d love your help! We can use help with all kinds of things like soliciting sponsors, publicity for the event, supplying food, water and bringing ideas. Please join our group on ParentSquare or email us at  

If you have any prizes or connections with a business that would like to donate a prize, please contact us at

Thank You!

A BIG thank you to many sponsors!

Gove Enterprises

All our many other Sponsors are recognized on our prize spreadsheet next to the items they donated.