Ten Core Values » #1 – Appreciation of Our National Heritage

#1 – Appreciation of Our National Heritage

The United States of America is exceptional among all the nations of the world. Unlike other nations founded on a shared culture or language, America was built upon several core principles that have become a force for good in the world, including 1) liberty, 2) equality under the law, 3) natural rights, 4) consent of the people, and 5) limited government. Life, liberty, and property do not find fulfillment in the rights of humanity because men or governments make laws. These rights exist and emanate from a higher power.


Scholars at John Adams Academy recognize that these core principles form the organic documents of our founding. They are taught to understand how they developed throughout history from the literary and philosophical traditions of not only Judeo/Christian, but also Classical Greece and Rome, as well as the Middle Ages and include the ideas tantamount to the importance of human freedom as ferreted out of the periods of the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, Romanticism, Neoclassicism, and Existentialism.  Our scholars seek to incorporate core American principles in their own lives and to promote them in their communities. They know America’s history and the great men and women who played key roles in its founding and development. They love their country and show respect for its traditions and national symbols. This heritage is a legacy of pioneers and patriots, who have sacrificed their lives to protect the rights of all Americans, regardless of their nationality, race, religion, or cultural background. Furthermore, their dedication is to protect life and vouchsafe for all the inalienable presence of laws and safety measures to guarantee the longevity of life. Manifestations of patriotism are found in the Pledge of Allegiance, our National Anthem, and holidays that remember our heroes and ancestral roots. Equally important to these rights are responsibilities that require all to be participatory citizens in this democratic republic of self-government.