Ten Core Values » #5 – Fostering Creativity and Entrepreneurial Spirit

#5 – Fostering Creativity and Entrepreneurial Spirit

America is an idea, not a location. Implied in the title “American” is the notion that we are property owners, independent thinkers, and creators. People immigrated to America for different reasons.  Some came to improve their material condition; others sought freedom to worship God according to the dictates of their conscience. Whatever the reason, the spirit of adventure and enterprise animated all. Here, in America, there was work to be done, churches to be founded, ground to be tilled, children to be reared, businesses to be launched, and schools to be established. Similarly, for our scholars, regardless of where they work or live, we want them to be creative and independent owners, workers, designers, authors, architects, and inventors of their own futures. We want them to be entrepreneurs, who by their very nature are thinkers, leaders, and statesmen, who know how to solve problems and improve the world around them. This is the spirit that we strive to foster in our scholars that also influences our parents and builds confidence in ourselves. Permeating our academy is the spirit of enterprise. Scholars study hard, parents volunteer their time, teachers create lessons and organize curricula and staff implements programs and solve problems. It should be of no wonder then that we look forward to the day when John Adams Academies are established in hundreds of communities across America.