Ten Core Values » #8 – Abundance Mentality

#8 – Abundance Mentality

In a society of freedom there is infinite reward. Abundance celebrates joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment in the success of others. Abundance is the opposite of scarcity.  Scarcity says there is a limited amount of recognition, profit, or power to be shared, so we need to grab as much as we can for ourselves before it is all gone.  The principle of abundance was illustrated in the early success of America as faith:


1)  Faith in God,

2) faith in oneself and others, and

3) faith in an idea—the concept of a country where anyone, regardless of national origin, race, sex, or religion, would be treated fairly under the law, and where all would have the freedom to pursue their dreams so long as they respected the rights of others.


Our late President Ronald Reagan may have expressed this best by building on an image, originally expressed by John Winthrop, of a shining city on a hill.


At John Adams Academy we believe in this vision. We are optimistic. We believe that when one succeeds, another need not fail.  We believe that the best days of our country and our world are before us, not behind us.  We believe that with hard work and sacrifice we can establish academies that will help scholars develop the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill this vision.  We seek to share this belief with our scholars by empowering them to accomplish difficult tasks, teaching them to understand complex texts, and preparing them for a life that accomplishes great things.