Ten Core Values » #9 – Building a Culture of Greatness

#9 – Building a Culture of Greatness

The objective of the mission of John Adams Academy is to build great citizens and great souls. As early as the 4th century BC, Aristotle stated that nobility, or greatness of soul, was a key moral virtue that each citizen should develop.  This moral ideal has been expressed in great art, great architecture, great music, great literature, and great actions throughout history.


John Adams Academy seeks to build a culture of greatness. Thus, art and music are taught in every stage of the curriculum.  Books that elevate the soul and expand the mind are carefully chosen. Scholars take classes on etiquette and ballroom dance.  They attend cultural activities and participate in formal events. By so doing we help develop the citizens of respect, refinement, and service that Aristotle envisioned thousands of years ago. The outcome is a legacy of ordered liberty and freedom that embraces integrity for the individual, protection of the rights of all classes of citizens, and equality and justice before the law.