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Yearbook Distribution

Yearbook Pre-orders

Yearbook pre-orders will be distributed on Tuesday May 22nd. Elementary scholars will receive their yearbooks from their teachers. Middle and high school scholars will receive their yearbooks in their 7th period classes.

If you believe you preordered a yearbook, and your scholar does not receive a book on May 22nd, please contact Ms. Densley no later than Thursday May 24th so we can ensure you get your book and it is not mistakenly sold off with the leftover books on May 25th.

If you preordered a book and your scholar is ill or otherwise cannot be present for distribution, they can pick of their yearbook from their teacher upon their return. If you expect your scholar to be absent for a prolonged period of time, please contact Ms. Densley so the yearbook staff can be sure to set your scholar’s book aside for later pick up in the Library.

Purchasing Leftover Yearbooks

Forgot to preorder a book this year? It may not be too late to purchase one.

Yearbook has a few extra books that we will make available for pre-purchase at Arts in the Park this Friday May 18th. These books will be available in hardcover only for $50.00 each. If a yearbook is purchased at arts in the park, your scholar will receive their book when the rest of the pre-orders are delivered on Tuesday May 22nd.

After all the pre-ordered books have been distributed on May 22nd, we will take a couple of days to ensure all pre-ordered books were received.

The remaining yearbooks will be available for purchase Friday May 25th after school in the Washington Library starting at 12:30 pm.

Hardcover yearbooks will be available for $50.00 each.

These books will be available only on a first come first serve basis, only while supplies last, and only at the designated time on Friday afternoon.

DO NOT enter the Washington building to wait outside Library or in the lobby until the dismissal bell rings at 12:30. We do not want to disrupt the 2nd period finals. When you arrive, you will receive a TICKET with a number on it. Once you have your ticket, please wait outside behind the yearbook sign in front of the Washington building until your number is called.

These books cannot be reserved in advance, or paid for in the office, but must be purchased directly from the yearbook staff and Ms. Densley, in the Library on Friday May 25th.

These yearbooks can be purchased with cash or check (made out to JAA) only (we cannot take push pay or credit cards for this). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and encourage everyone to please remember to pre-order your yearbook next year to guarantee you will receive one.

Our yearbook is for the whole school, TK-12th grade, so whether your scholar is a Kindergartener or a Senior, make sure they don't miss out on the memories!

Please note that the yearbook is a scholar produced publication. The scholars work hard to provide a beautiful and accurate yearbook, however, they are learning and mistakes do occasionally slip through. We ask for your forgiveness in regards to any errors that may be present in the book. Thank you for your support and understanding.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding yearbook distribution, please contact Ms. Densley at