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Materials Donation Program


At John Adams Academy we are creating an environment where our scholar’s education is a priority for our community of parents, staff & the community at large. One way our JAA parents demonstrate their scholar-centered commitment is by promoting our core values throughout the academy. 

The $100 supply contribution per scholar speaks to the heart of our Abundance Mentality by infusing this core value into our classrooms in a very tangible way. Through this program we provide the necessary resources to ensure that each classroom and every scholar has the supplies, materials and educational resources to be successful.

Donations received through this program pay for classroom supplies, such as paper, pencils and pens, glue sticks, Keep Booksfacial tissue, construction paper, paint, etc. for scholars throughout the entire year.  In addition to meeting individual scholar needs, the program also provides resources for classroom enhancement materials and state mandated supplies, such as pencils for STAR testing. 

In the current fiscal climate individual financial hardship is a reality and state funding does not fully cover the costs of education, especially charter schools who must use funding for building costs and maintenance.  We are asking parents to contribute a $100 per scholar supply contribution (a tax-deductible donation) in lieu of purchasing school supplies for their individual scholar. Donations may be made online. 

Donating $100 per scholar all at once may be difficult for some families. For those who know how important this contribution is but find it a hardship, please contact our Business Services Technician to make financial arrangements. Our Business Services Technician can be reached by phone at (916) 780-6800, or by email at