6th Grade Department

Welcome to 6th grade! As a team we think 6th grade is the place to BE! We love mentoring our scholars as they grow and mature into the leaders of tomorrow. Our motto in 6th grade is Servant Leadership
In 6th grade scholars rotate between their homeroom teacher and one other 6th grade team member for all of their subjects. Please find your homeroom teacher below to know who will be teaching your scholar which subjects. Please be sure to contact the correct teacher with your questions/concerns about a particular subject.
Our primary method of communication is through Parent Square. As a team, we are constantly working together and collaborating. So, please read all information relating to 6th grade.  Individual teachers will specify when a message pertains to only his/her class. 
Mr. Groff Homeroom:   Contact Info:  justin.groff@johnadamsacademy.org
Math---Mrs. Wilson
Science---Mrs. Wilson
Humanities---Mr. Groff
Mrs. Javier Homeroom:   Contact Info: carolyn.javier@johnadamsacademy.org
Math--- Mrs. Boettcher
Science--- Mrs. Boettcher
Humanities--- Mrs. Javier
Mrs. Boettcher Homeroom:   Contact Info: kayla.boettcher@johnadamsacademy.org
Math---Mrs. Boettcher
Science---Mrs. Boettcher
Humanities --- Mrs. Javier
Mrs. Wilson Homeroom:   Contact Info: jennifer.wilson@johnadamsacademy.org
Math---Mrs. Wilson
Science---Mrs. Wilson
Humanities---Mr. Groff
6th Grade Daily Schedule
As a team, we all follow the same daily schedule although we do allow for some days where flexibility is required. This year we start off every morning with intervention. It is crucial that scholars are on time so they do not miss instruction specifically designed to meet their academic needs.  It is imperative that scholars are present, especially on Fridays, when we have minimum days. If scholars are reported sick to the office or have filled out and been approved for independent study, then they will be allowed to make up tests they miss on Fridays. However, if scholars are absent and aren't reported sick or haven't been approved for independent study then they will be docked 15 percent off the top of every test they need to make up.
8:00 Flag Ceremony
8:15 - 9:15 Daily Intervention (8:45-9:00 M-Th- Library, as needed)
9:20 -10:00 Specials (Music, Art, Latin or P.E)
10:10-10:25 Recess
10:25-12:15 Switch classes for subjects (either Humanities or Math/Science)
12:15-12:25 Classroom Time
12:30-1:10 Lunch
1:15-3:00 Homeroom subjects (either Humanities or Math/Science)
3:00-3:15 Planners/ Clean up/Pack up
3:15 Dismiss
Friday (Schedule can vary week to week)
8:00 Flag Ceremony
      Greek/Reading Groups
      Academic Instruction
12:15 Dismiss