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Washington Library

The Washington Library was first opened for scholar use during the 2016-2017 academic school year, and currently serves the information needs of the 7th through 12th Grade scholars at John Adams Academy Roseville. The majority of the print collection is comprised of a purchase made from a classic liberal arts college which was liquidating its library assets. The resources have been, and continue to be, carefully vetted to ensure that the materials represent some of the greatest original works of fiction, biography, history, and philosophy. As such, the Washington Library has an extensive array of university quality print resources that allow scholars and teachers to perform extensive research in both primary and secondary sources.
In addition to print resources scholars and staff have access to an extensive collection of online resources through EBSCOHost, a research database and discovery service which provides access to thousands of scholarly journals, full-text articles, magazines, e-books, newspapers, reference materials, and additional primary documents. Scholars may access EBSCOHost from any school computer, laptop, or Chromebook, and may also access these resources from home using a special John Adams Academy Login that will be provided to them by Mr. Gervais upon request.